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Who We Are

The Myriad is a dedicated student-housing accommodation property manager. It is a member of Strategic Housing Group, a company that prides itself for sourcing, investing, developing and managing commercially and socially rewarding student and staff housing complexes in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. In partnership with Asset Campus International, a leading student-housing management organization in the USA, The Myriad ensures a consistent, comfortable and secure lifestyle to the students and community.

At The Myriad, our mission is to introduce and set standards for the development and management of student living facilities across the Middle East, Africa and Asia while incorporating comfort and safety in a modern and ethical living atmosphere exclusively available for students. The Myriad complexes are dedicated student accommodations that truly embody a world class student lifestyle and represent a fresh experience of student living that is based on in-depth research and analysis of today’s local and global student’s expectations.

About Asset Campus International

Asset Campus International (ACI) is the international arm of Asset Campus Housing (ACH), which is one of the most reputable student-housing management organizations, headquartered in the United States and has over 115,000 student beds under management. As the largest student housing company in the United States and with over 30 years of experience, ACI will continue delivering an exceptional student living experience and exceed customers’ expectations..

ACI has been operating internationally for three years. After several successful lease-ups abroad, the company has continued to expand its expertise in several other parts of the world. With a growing portfolio that includes hundreds of properties across the globe, ACI provides services that include property management, asset management, development, and investment services.

Asset Campus is a member of The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM), and is recognized as an Accredited Management Organization (AMO).


Domain , Oxford – Mississippi


Domain, Northgate – Texas


25Twenty , Lubbock – Texas


Domain, Oxford – Mississippi

History of Student

Student housing is commonly referred to as dorms (from the Latin word dormitorium) in the US and Halls in the UK. The oldest of such accommodations date back to the mid-1700s.

Early dorms were imposing, monastic structures meant to separate students from the outside world, providing more privacy for classes and introspection; this concept lasted for decades.

Student housing has come a long way from that and today students expect a friendly, social, modern, comfortable and interactive living environment.

Most colleges and universities provide single or multiple occupancy rooms for their students, usually at a cost. These buildings consist of various room types and numbers, from just a few, to hundreds. Gender segregated dorms are most commonly found and are usually situated much closer to campus than comparable private housing. This nearness plays a key role in the choice of where students prefer to live.

Off-campus residences

Sometimes dorms that are situated away from the university campus may present additional facilities to give them an added convenience. This may include access to good transportation, sports facilities, laundry rooms, kitchen spaces, recreational facilities, etc.